NEW in Stock: Minimonkey Mini Sling

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How to survive in the urban Jungle?

An easy task for „MiniMonkey“’s latest release: the new ultra light MiniSling from holland!
We have been really excited about the new product release, tested the sling for you right away and
decided to add it to our range of products. Read our following test review to find out what makes it so special.


This product mainly differs from other slings by having two buckles. The strap runs diagonal along your back and
can be adjusted to your size
with a flat, medium sized buckle which almost doesn’t disturb the comfort in carrying.
The material of strap and buckles seems of high quality. We can reach the buckles for later adjustment just fine, even if
the baby sits already in the sling. Further testings will have to tell whether the sling is suitable for persons with
larger clothes sizes. We have been in close contact with the producers (hereby thanking them for their fast and friendly support) who
have been telling us about their positive experience with plussize users.

There is a safety loop for the baby’s leg on the lower edge of the sling. This option provides safety, not actual carrying support.
The material is different from natural fabrics. The synthetic fabric seems a bit slippery which might be the reason for
this safety add-on. We didn’t have any problems with the material though, no matter if it was a smaller or bigger wrapee.

The shoulder part is sewed pleated.The fabric can be spread over the shoulder easily, even when the strap is already adjusted.
We were surprised by the good weight distribution but our demonstration doll’s weight is only 3kg, so we can only recommend
the sling for smaller babys for now. Further testings will show whether it is suitable for toddlers aswell.
For me personally it is hard to imagine carrying my 13kg toddler in a carrier like this over a longer period of time
but this is just a personal opinion. I believe it’s best used for children below 9-10kg which isn’t bad for this lightweight sling.

The bucklesling can be folded to a small bag which is hardly bigger than a smartphone.
When washed or getting wet, the material is drying fast. However, some people might not like the synthetic material for every day use. The „MiniMonkey“ sling seems to be a great and cheap addition to an already existing range of carriers or wraps.
With its perforated fabric it’s never too warm or unpleasant though.
We can recommend the sling as a aquacarrier for a shower with the baby or a visit in the pool. According to the producers, the sling can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing

But here is the catch:
We have been sceptical from the beginning about the little buckle at the baby’s neck part.
Does it apply a lot of pressure to the baby’s neck?
You should adjust this with care, as you do with every other carrier too. We recommend adjusting it already before
sitting your wrapee inside and never pull the strap very rapidly or roughly! But as long as you handle it with care
you won’t have any problems with it. The neck part is well padded. Sadly you can’t just ignore that smaller buckle
or you won’t be able to achieve stability in the neck part.

Facts Mini Sling

  • compact package size (14 x 8 x 8 cm)
  • ultra light (175 Gramm)
  • from birth up to 15 Kg
  • airy breathable mesh material (100% Polyester)
  • also usable as a aquacarrier
  • buckle sling
  • attractive pricing

      aquacarriers are NO swimming aids

Our pictures:

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